We created this line in 2020 because we believe that comfortable, sustainable and ethical fashion should be also be beautiful and unique. We see everyone involved in our company as part of the Marigold family and more than just create fashion, we want to create collaborations, relationships and art.
We have formed a close relationship with many artisans in India and work with these skilled garment and fabric makers to create clothing that is good for the earth and good for the heart.
Most of our clothing is made on 100% Indian cotton and block printed or screen printed by hand, meaning that each item is made by hand, uniquely in its subtleties and made slowly in small batches.
A value that we hold close to our heart, is creating fashion that is timeless, sustainable and good for the environment. Rather than create trendy clothing that only lasts a season, we aim to create items that will last (if treated correctly and hand washed in cold water).
We believe that fashion, under the right circumstances, can be a joyous and collaborative experience. We hope you love our garments as much as we do!


With Love,

The Marigold Team